"The word retirement brings to mind wonderful thoughts about being on vacation all the time or sleeping till late or taking trips or finally getting that elusive time to indulge in the things you love doing. What we forget is that it also brings with it a lot of unwanted baggage, most critical of which is health issues."

Also it is important not to succumb to the myth that because you are now getting old that you will not feel good any more. While not all health issues are pain can be avoided, most of them can be reduced by a long way by just eating right, exercising and preparing yourself for old age.

We at “Say You Care” are here to help you get past the barrier of health problems and other issues that come attached with retirement and old age. Here are a few little tips to set you in the right direction and get you prepared for your retirement.

Adjusting to the Change after Retirement

With retirement and old age comes phases of both stress and joy. It is important to that you find a way to face these periods of stress.

•Focus on things that you still have and be grateful for them.

•Make sure that you express yourself as burying your feeling may cause deep seated anger, resentment or even depression

•There will be things that you can’t change, accept it and move on.

•Remember “What does not kill you will make you stringer”, this means that no matter how difficult the situation there is always some good to be had out of it.

Eating well

With increasing age there is a stark decrease in the body’s metabolism. This has a significant effect on your appetite and the foods you can eat and how your body metabolizes them. Eating healthy is important all through life but now it is essential to maintaining your energy and health. 

•Make sure to have a lot of fruits, vegetables and grains that are high on fibre content

•Make an effort to make your food look and taste good so that you enjoy your food, otherwise there is no use eating it.

•Keep an eye out for dehydration, as old age makes you more prone to it.

Hitting the Gym

Most people do not exercise as they get older, however is vital to staying healthy all through life. Regular exercise helps you keep yourself fit both physically and mentally and also boosts your confidence and your outlook towards life.

•Always check with your doctor before starting any fitness or exercise program to make sure that none of your pre-existing health conditions get aggravated due to your exercise routine.

•Make sure that you find an activity you like. This is to ensure that you are self-motivated to continue it.

•Always start slow if are new to exercise. 

•You don’t always have to go to the gym to exercise, in fact one of the best exercises is walking and best of all is that you do not need any equipment or gym to do it.

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Ever since my retirement, I have been scrupulously reading and implementing the health advice and information provided by Say You Care, and so far, this has proved extremely helpful to enable me to chart out a healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet based on my health conditions.

By Paige Barton
Williams Bros

When my mother was afflicted with Alzheimer’s syndrome, me and my wife were finding it very difficult to cope with the situation. But thanks to Say You Care, we have found access to the best Mental Healthcare Institutions for her, and she is comparatively at much more ease, than she was earlier.

By Ellis Adams

Say You Care is undoubtedly a very unique initiative as far as old age health issues are concerned. They have full-fledged information on everything concerning old age, and I’m very impressed with their scope of information and services.

By Jordan Power
Earthworks Garden Kare

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